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Why choose a One-Stop-Shop?

Product development requires a lot of planning, prioritising and managing, there are deadlines to meet and budget constraints. To make the venture a success, you need to keep an eye on the project while maintaining communication and relationships with an increasing number of suppliers and subcontractors around the world.

An experienced one-stop-shop handling your project from start to finish can often shorten a project's start-up time and learning curve. Of course, the key to success is finding a company that offers a partnership and not just a contract. For many clients, ClickTouch is such a reliable partner.





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"As a leading manufacturer of Fire, Gas and CO detection systems, we were on the lookout for a reliable partner. ClickTouch delivered perfect support throughout every stage of our project. Their expertise and insight allowed us to launch our entire initiative to the market swiftly and effectively."

"Technical Manager, Limotec"


Embedded solutions

1. Screen printing

With our screen printing and digital printing lines in our own production facilities in Europe and Asia, we offer top-quality screens.

2. Overlay

We make our overlays in a wide range of materials and sizes. Standard sizes, customisation, a variable thickness or a specific coating? It's all possible. As a finishing touch, our backlighting provides that extra touch.

3. HMI

ClickTouch focuses on two different technologies: click technology (membrane switches) and touch technology (touch screens and buttons). Together with you, we consider which of the two technologies is most suitable. If necessary, we can even combine both technologies.

4. Display

We partner with the world's most renowned display suppliers. We also have expertise in various bonding options, including OCA, LOCA, SOCA, Edge Bonding and mechanical assembly.

5. Housing

A custom-made housing that fully meets your requirements? We won't go for less. At ClickTouch, we provide both design and production.

6. Cables

We have an extensive range of cables, available in different lengths and price ranges. Thus, we ensure optimal connectivity.

7. Embedded PC

Thanks to our close cooperation with renowned specialists, we can offer a wide range of embedded PCs. Thus, we assure you of the best performance.

8. Pre-compliance

At our headquarters in Gavere, we have state-of-the-art testing machines. This allows us to extensively test in advance whether your HMI solution works as expected.

9. Software

Your HMI interface should operate in a predictable and completely reliable manner in all environments and conditions. At ClickTouch, we make sure of that.


How do we tackle your project?

Complex development projects require thorough preparation and a meticulous approach. We guide and support you from start to finish throughout your project. Delivering high-quality results and working efficiently are crucial for us to achieve the desired outcome.


1. First, we have a chat with you. This allows us to understand your needs and any challenges you might be facing. Then we discuss potential solutions, evaluate their commercial potential, and consider any possible risks.

2. Our quote includes a clear action plan, timeline, technical specifications and a cost estimate. This gives you, the customer, a clear understanding of what to expect.

3. After our consultation, we create a detailed specification document with all the technical details.

4. We take care of the entire process from concept development to production and assembly. This includes DFM guidance, technical analysis, DFA, prototyping, and the full coordination of mass production – including supply chain management and ESD packaging.

5. We work in a very transparent way. You will know what to expect from us and we keep you regularly updated throughout the process. Open communication is key to our success.


Be Inspired


The tech industry changes at the speed of light and to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to know about the latest trends and innovations, business solutions, the newest technologies and where in the world you can find trustworthy suppliers for each link in the development chain.



With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious development and testing center in Gavere, Belgium, we can take care of your needs form ideation to implementation. Moreover, it is our goal to make the entire process from A to Z as straightforward and efficient as possible.



Come and meet ClickTouch – your go-to for comprehensive, cost-effective HMI solutions in every scenario. With our 38 years of expertise, you experience seamless project support from start to finish.