Reliable backlighting: Chasm helps us to bridge the gap

For some products, backlighting can be an interesting option, be it out of necessity or simply because of aesthetics. Whatever the reason, ClickTouch can help you. Now even more reliably than before. That’s because recently, Chasm, a trusted partner of ClickTouch, developed a Carbon Nanotube ink that lends itself perfectly for backlighting touch interfaces.


What’s it all about?

Traditionally, ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) has been the go-to transparant conductor material for the last 4 decades when making backlit capacitive touch sensors. This leading position is down to its high transparency and conductivity rating. However, as with any material, ITO also has a few drawbacks. Firstly, it’s not very flexible while the demand to print conductor materials on flexible substrates is rising. Furthermore, ITO also has a high patterning cost. Although there are still applications highly suitable for this material, the need for other options is clear.

That’s where Chasm comes in. Indeed, they have developed an innovative type of CNT (Carbon Nanotube) ink that is highly reliable and stable. Other strengths of Chasm’s CNT ink are the low patterning cost (it’s only applied where it’s needed) and environmental stability. In fact, extensive testing shows that the ink keeps its functionality for extended periods of time. In other words, CNT ink is an excellent way to provide reliable backlighting. Naturally, it goes without saying that ClickTouch is very honoured to be a preferred and validated applicator of this ink as it is a confirmation of our extensive expertise.

How do we use it?

So what are the applications of Chasm’s CNT ink? Basically, we use CNT ink for any type of backlit capacitive user interface (touch buttons, switches, sliders and membrane solutions). Those interfaces can be found in home appliances, lighting applications, building controls and automotive interiors. Think of the control buttons in elevators, on high-end coffee machines or on your home or office printer.

Aside from those applications, we also use CNT ink for when environmental stability is required. For instance, a building’s entry control system is often exposed to bright sunlight and therefore high temperatures, UV radiation and humidity. In those cases ClickTouch’s expertise and Chasm’s know-how ensure a product that will provide reliable backlighting for many years without loss of quality.

In conclusion, Chasm’s CNT ink for reliable backlighting is flexible both in its nature but also in the ways in which we apply it. That’s because we are a flexible solution provider as we deliver a solution that responds perfectly to our customers’ needs. Are you curious how we can deliver the capacitive backlit touch solution you are looking for? Get in touch and we will be sure to help you.

The comparison table shows that the CNT is not only very transparent and flexible. Especially the environmental stability makes it the perfect alternative for the outdated PEDOT polymers.