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Your One-Stop-Shop for Human Machine Interfaces

ClickTouch is your one-stop-shop for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – taking care of everything from start to finish. We design, manufacture and assemble HMIs that meet your exact preferences and requirements.

We combine high-quality, durable design with highly competitive prices and impressive delivery times.

You can count on excellent service and professional support, both before and after delivery. So you can focus on what really matters for growing your business.


Click & Touch

Our name says it all: ClickTouch specialises in click and touch technology.

In terms of click technology, we have over three decades of experience in designing and producing membrane keypads.

As for touch technology, we’re true pioneers with our robust, durable, cutting-edge developments with proprietary firmware. We offer both capacitive keys and resistive and PCAP touchscreens.


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Human Machine Interfaces For Every Situation

Every sector has different requirements. If you need safety, reliability, robustness, sleek design or precision, we’ve got you covered. With over 38 years of experience, we know our business inside out. And we always work closely together with you to find the best possible solution.


Industrial Applications

Do you operate industrial machinery in environments with moisture, grease, dust or other contaminants? No problem! Our industrial HMIs handle these conditions perfectly by combining hardware with our in-house developed firmware.

The Medical World

The use of connected devices has become indispensable in the medical world. Having a safe, precise and reliable HMI can be a matter of life and death. Our unique TwoTouch technology is an absolute game-changer here.

Fire Detection

Fire detection systems need to function flawlessly, and precise control is just as crucial. At ClickTouch, we develop custom-made HMIs that ensure extremely safe and reliable detection.

Heavy Duty

Durability and reliability are paramount for heavy industrial applications. We guarantee extremely long availability and ongoing access to spare parts that always meet industrial standards. Our HMIs are safe to operate – even wearing gloves – and resistant to dirt, water and dust.



For agricultural applications, we create exceptionally reliable HMIs and ensure very long availability with ongoing access to spare parts. We also offer options for personalisation.

POS and Kiosks

Our HMIs for POS systems or kiosks provide a positive, user-friendly experience for end-users. They are extremely durable – ideal for outdoor use in public places – and function perfectly even in rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

Smart Home

For home automation, our HMIs offer end-users intuitive control over their smart devices – enhancing convenience and comfort. We provide a very precise and luxurious finish.

And Much More

More than 35 years of experience means we at ClickTouch have built just about every possible HMI. Wondering if we can do something for your company? Just ask, we’re sure to find a fitting solution.


    White paper: Touch Sensing Technologies

    To control a machine, touch technology often serves as the interface between humans and machines (HMIs). These interfaces can work in various ways. Download this paper to get an overview of the different kinds of touch technology and learn about their advantages.

    Clicktouch White Paper


    Our Innovations in HMI Technology


    With HoverTouch, you no longer touch a screen but hover your hand or finger 5 to 6 cm above its surface. This touchless technology offers many applications in different sectors and reduces the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria.


    While most touchscreens require a glass cover, UniCTouch is a capacitive touch technology that can be applied behind almost any type of overlay: metal, wood, stainless steel, gold, cork – offering a lot of freedom in design possibilities, and bringing an innovative product to market.


    This technology involves installing a second, resistive screen under the first, capacitive touchscreen – preventing unintended actions from being initiated by minimal touch, temperature fluctuations or the proximity of conductive objects. Ideal in environments where there is no margin for error.


    We go further with


    Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We aim for a first-time-right approach to ensure our products and services meet your needs from the get-go.

    Product Range

    There’s no HMI we can’t help you with. We’re a full-service one-stop-shop provider with a wide range of products – including embedded solutions. Integrations with all types of displays are possible.

    Customer Service

    We always aim for a long-term relationship and partnership by listening well and tailoring our HMIs accordingly. Even long after installation, you can always turn to us if you need support.

    Delivery Times

    Thanks to our years of experience and know-how, we have a very large network of partners that help keep delivery times as short as possible. So we can always serve you quickly.

    Cost Efficiency

    Quality is paramount, but the cost is also important. Thanks to our own production and a large network of experienced partners, we offer you highly impressive prices – often unmatched in the market.


    With our extensive experience and expertise in various sectors, we’re confident we can give you a unique product to gain an edge over your competitors.

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    Be Inspired


    The tech industry changes at the speed of light and to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to know about the latest trends and innovations, business solutions, the newest technologies and where in the world you can find trustworthy suppliers for each link in the development chain.



    With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious development and testing center in Gavere, Belgium, we can take care of your needs form ideation to implementation. Moreover, it is our goal to make the entire process from A to Z as straightforward and efficient as possible.



    Come and meet ClickTouch – your go-to for comprehensive, cost-effective HMI solutions in every scenario. With our 38 years of expertise, you experience seamless project support from start to finish.



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