Touch technology

ClickTouch offers two distinct touch technologies: capacitive and resistive touches. If you’re in the market for a durable and functional solution that works under extreme conditions (e.g. with thick glass, water, gloves or strict EMC & ESD requirements), or looking to upgrade your product, we’ve got the cutting-edge technology and expertise you need.


Capacitive touch

Capacitive Touch Sensing (CTS) or Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) utilises the conductive properties of the human body - unlike resistive touch screens, which rely on pressure. This allows users to easily interact with the screen using various touches: self and mutual touch, rotation, zoom, etc.

Resistive touch

Resistive touches employ two layers that make physical contact with each other when touched. This creates an electrical signal that registers the touch, regardless of the object used (e.g. finger, stylus, palm). The screen is versatile but requires physical pressure to operate, unlike capacitive touch sensing (CTS)


Tuning (hardware and software)

As Preferred Design House (PDH) , we stand at the forefront of touchscreen technology, catering to the needs of renowned chip manufacturers. At ClickTouch, we offer unparalleled expertise in firmware development, ensuring optimal performance of your touchscreen interfaces through meticulously crafted hex files. Trust us to deliver flawless touchscreen functionality under any circumstance, guaranteeing your project operates with unparalleled reliability.


Expertise since 2000

With over two decades of experience in capacitive sensor technology, we boast a deep understanding of touchscreen intricacies. Our in-house experts not only manufacture superior sensors but also provide swift and precise support tailored to your unique requirements.

End-to-end excellence

Differentiating ourselves from competitors reliant on overseas partnerships, ClickTouch offers end-to-end solutions. From custom hex-file creation to seamless integration of IC onto your main board, we ensure compatibility and functionality at every step of the process.

Robust Performance

Engineered to excel in the harshest environments, our solutions thrive outdoors and withstand extreme conditions such as thick glass, water, ice, and even gloves. Our commitment to high safety and security standards guarantees uninterrupted operation, even in the toughest settings.


When reliability matters most, trust ClickTouch to deliver cutting-edge touchscreen solutions that consistently meet and exceed your expectations. Partner with us today and unlock the full potential of your touchscreen projects.


Advanced innovations by ClickTouch

Discover ClickTouch’s advanced innovations, where technology and creativity converge to offer revolutionary solutions for touch sensing and interface design. With cutting-edge technologies and unrivalled expertise, we’re aiming to shape the future of tactile interaction.


Redundant Touch (TwoTouch)

TwoTouch eliminates unwanted activations in capacitive touchscreens for critical applications – caused by minimal pressure, temperature fluctuations or proximity to conductive objects.

Touch on metal (UniCTouch)

UniCTouch®, or Universal Capacitive Touch, enables capacitive operation through any conceivable overlay and top layer such as metal, stainless steel, wood, cork, gold and glass. This name stands for design freedom – allowing customers to create innovative products.


Aqua Touch (TwoTouch)

AquaTouch technology ensures touchscreens remain operable, even when wet or the operator’s fingers are moist – allowing you to safely operate your devices, even in damp conditions.

Hover & Force Touch

HoverTouch is a revolutionary TOUCHLESS innovation that enables users to perform actions without physically touching the screen. Operators can issue commands through the use of air gestures – providing an advanced and intuitive user experience. FORCE sensing technology also offers an extra layer of reassurance – delivering the correct action without unintended activation.


Keys, sliders and wheels

Beyond developing and producing touchscreens, we also create keys, sliders and wheel functions – using advanced materials such as polyester and glass sensors, fine-line silver, ITO and translucent inks to craft products that are functionally and aesthetically superior.


Advanced features

Secret Until Lit (hidden keys and features)

Technology should adapt to our needs, not the other way around. One of our innovations is the Secret-Until-Lit technology. This feature hides unnecessary buttons when they’re not needed – not only enhancing the device’s design but also simplifying operation, especially in stressful situations.

View from any angle

With the new View From an Angle feature on the touchscreen, you get rid of reflections and widen the viewing angle for easier reading. This added layer not only enhances readability but also makes using the screen more comfortable from various angles.

Frameless touch (touchscreen with no frame)

Our Frameless Touch Interface conceals technology from view – creating a sleek, glass surface that functions as a touchscreen. All controls are only visible when needed, without any visible wires or electronics – an innovation that allows for interaction in various settings, offering a sleek design and maximum transparency.


Be Inspired


The tech industry changes at the speed of light and to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to know about the latest trends and innovations, business solutions, the newest technologies and where in the world you can find trustworthy suppliers for each link in the development chain.



With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious development and testing center in Gavere, Belgium, we can take care of your needs form ideation to implementation. Moreover, it is our goal to make the entire process from A to Z as straightforward and efficient as possible.



Come and meet ClickTouch – your go-to for comprehensive, cost-effective HMI solutions in every scenario. With our 38 years of expertise, you experience seamless project support from start to finish.



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