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Pioneering Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) since 1986, ClickTouch, led by the second generation, has become an industry leader. While rooted in our family ethos and local community in Gavere, we've expanded globally, with production facilities across Europe and Asia.

With over 35 years of sector-spanning experience and multiple production sites, we offer clients unique, competitive-edge products. Our client-centric approach ensures tailored support at every project stage. Leveraging a vast global network of capable partners, we deliver flexible and efficient solutions.

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Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager you will identify technological demands and opportunities in the market, research and prepare strategic cooperations, define upscale opportunities, and provide consultation on internal improvements and company strategies. This role involves staying informed about market trends, conducting and developing strategic plans for business expansion. The Manager will collaborate with R&D, product, and sales teams to drive innovation and achieve growth objectives



Spontaneous application

ClickTouch, with an office in Gavere (Belgium), is always looking for new talent. Do you want to join the ClickTouch team? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us!