ClickTouch: a one-stop-shop. But not just a one-stop-shop.

At ClickTouch, our aim has always been to provide the most personalized and comprehensive service possible to our customers. By providing total solutions, we help our customers to achieve a range of benefits: greater reliability of supply, reduced supply chain worries, consistent quality and clarity of liability.

ClickTouch provides top notch membrane keyboards with a unique, patented technology which creates the perfect “CLICK”.
Furthermore we develop and produce resistive and capacitive touch solutions for industrial environments, the user interface with the smoothest “TOUCH”.

But that touch solution must often need to be embedded into complete modules. The touch solution is to be bonded to a glass plate according to the desired pressure and mechanical impact resistance requirements. Or paired with push buttons that allow resistive operation.

This needs to be further embedded in a (metal) housing and a PCB needs to be connected so that the interface can communicate with the machine.


For all these elements, ClickTouch is your partner (for the entire process from A to Z). With ClickTouch, you can combine design, manufacturing, assembly, enclosure, PCB… all in one supplier, providing you a single point of contact for all your needs. Need to be sure that all the components will arrive on time for your complete interface?

For the serial production ClickTouch takes the entire supply chain process in hand: monitoring order forecast, administration, inspection & testing, packaging, customised labelling,…

ClickTouch provides a complete solution. Want to cut down on the coordination work between multiple vendors? ClickTouch is your single point of contact. Want to be sure your entire solution is working properly? ClickTouch ensures a qualitative end product that works as agreed upon. Because sometimes the overall solution is much more complex than the electronic component by itself. Clicktouch delivers a tailor-made tuning as all the parts need to be properly aligned in order to have a perfectly functioning solution. Does your control system not work as it should? It rarely happens, but you know who to turn to. ClickTouch takes its responsibility in providing integrated solutions that work perfectly.

The Clicktouch OSS ‘One-stop-Shop’ solution provides a tailor-made solution. Together with the customer we look at the complete design concept: the product & material selection, the installation and assembly options, the specifications & quality requirements,… Once everything has been specified, we start the design, provide drawings and deliver prototypes in the shortest possible time.

The Clicktouch complete solution is a 100% reliable, high-quality and cost-efficient solution. Think you can do better with different partners? Challenge us. We’ll show you that ClickTouch is the partner you’ve been looking for to make your life easier and better. Your one-stop-shop is just one call away. Don’t hesitate to contact us.