ClickTouch’s complete solutions: the ultimate ease-of-mind experience

Every day you are busy optimizing processes and making your projects operational. A beautiful design and a high durability are extremely important for a successful commercialization and the man-machine interface (HMI) plays an important role in this.

You will find, like many of our loyal customers, that a lot of know-how, time and effort is required to develop one complete and user-friendly HMI module from the various individual parts.

When you work with ClickTouch for your Human Machine Interface (HMI) needs, you’ll experience the ultimate ease-of-mind. Our complete solutions ensure you have a single point of contact for all your needs and simplify coordination between possible multiple vendors. We take responsibility in providing integrated solutions that are 100% reliable and high quality, ensuring they meet all agreed upon specifications.

We specialize in tailoring our solution to your specific requirements, so that every component is designed and assembled with precision. We also provide supply chain management processes such as monitoring order forecast, administration, inspection & testing, personalization, packaging and customized labelling. All of this ensures that everything arrives on time and is working properly when it does.

Reliability & Quality

At ClickTouch, we take our responsibility seriously and ensure that all our solutions are reliable and of high quality. We provide a complete end-to-end solution to make sure everything is precisely assembled and working perfectly when it arrives.


From technology and product selection, installation and assembly options to quality requirements, every aspect is taken into consideration. We also provide prototypes in the shortest possible time frame to ensure our solutions are up to standard.


We believe in providing our customers with consistent quality and clarity of liability. Our one-stop-shop solution service provides clear communication from start to finish, meaning you never have to worry about any hidden surprises.


We take responsibility for the entire process and make sure all parties are held accountable for their respective roles. This ensures that our customers only have to worry about their end product and not the individual components.


One Stop Shop Solution

Our One-Stop-Shop solution offers customers a tailored service that is both cost-efficient and convenient. We take the time to understand your exact needs and come up with a solution that works best for you. We understand that budgets are important, which is why we provide cost-efficient solutions. We strive to maximize your investments and design solutions that offer maximum value for the money spent. We also offer supply chain management processes such as forecasting, inspection & testing, personalisation of the screens, packaging and labelling so that everything arrives on time and is ready to use instantly.


What solutions do we offer you? 

  • Your product & concept development from A to Z, from the initial idea to the final product.
  • The complete integration & assembly of all individual parts.
  • A precise monitoring of all processes.
  • A 100% functional & visual inspection.
  • Reliable packaging & shipping.
  • Delivery reliability.


ClickTouch is the perfect partner to make your life easier and better when it comes to fully integrated HMI solutions for lower and midsize volumes. Our reliable, high quality and cost-efficient solutions provide you with the ultimate ease-of-mind experience so that you can focus on other things while we take care of everything else.


Choose now our “One-Stop-Shop” (OSS), the tailor-made solution, the guarantee for a competitive, sustainable and 100% reliable HMI.


Reach out to us today to find out how it can benefit you!