The real cost of ‘cheap’ solutions

At ClickTouch, we always focus on providing good value for money for our customers. With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious production and development center in Gavere, Belgium, we can service our customers with both complex, fully integrated solutions as well as simpler components. In doing so, we always take full responsibility. This results in a more straightforward process for our customers and significant cost savings. But these are often not on the invoice of a low-cost provider…

When sourcing directly from low-cost countries there are often hidden costs that are not immediately noticeable. However, the sharp rise in transportation costs is making customers paying attention to the real cost of the entire supply chain. And this extends far beyond transportation.

For example, with ClickTouch you can always rely on full product quality control. This leads to 100% reliable delivery with no component failures. And integrating a non-functioning component into an end product costs much more than the broken component. Just think about recall costs, repair costs, forgone transportation costs, personnel costs to fix these problems.

At ClickTouch, you are 100% guaranteed of both a visual and functional quality control and an excellent service. Our delivery performance is also outstanding: thanks to annual contracts, our stock possibilities and an extra stock for possible projects, we can guarantee a very good delivery reliability. Our administrative guidance and monitoring of deadlines ensures that the number of complaints is minimal, but if there are any, they are consistently followed up and answered. We take care of the complete assembly of your project and by offering this in-house you save considerably on transportation costs. We provide aesthetic and protective packaging for your product that ensures proper storage.

When you make the full calculation of what a well-delivers product means in the production proces, it soon becomes clear that ClickTouch is the most cost-effective partner for your HMI components. Not just for more complex technological solutions or fully integrated systems. Also for more elementary HMI solutions.

We’ll be happy to demonstrate otherwise. Feel free to contact us and let’s see how we can minimize your actual total supply cost.