Enhance your industrial application with user-oriented touch technology

Touch technology is becoming increasingly popular and prevalent in consumer experiences. Users have gotten used to fancy touch screens through their daily technological devices such as smartphones. Customer experience has become an integral part of modern culture, and industrial applications should take this into account when creating their interfaces.

It’s key for businesses to keep up with these consumer behavioral changes to make sure that their HMI is always up-to-date and provides a positive user experience. It’s no wonder that industrial applications are beginning to adapt to this trend too and reevaluate their interfaces. ClickTouch offers the perfect partnership for businesses looking to enhance their HMI with fancier and more consumer-focused touch technology.

Benefits of touch technology in industrial applications

Using a fancier touch technology in industrial settings can offer several benefits. For starters, these solutions may improve the efficiency of operations by allowing employees quicker access to data or commands. Less buttons and less redundant information in sight at any given moment, makes it easier to have an overview of the needed commands at each moment.

So improved user experience and satisfaction may be achieved due to easier navigation of the interface — a plus especially when dealing with multiple generations of workers.

Also, operational costs can be reduced through less labor expenses due to faster response times from enhanced user experience. And finally, having a fancier and more up-to-date HMI not only makes a difference in user experience. The new technologies at hand can also provide more safety and avoid undesired consequences due to unwanted touches.

An example: one of our customers produces fire alarm systems with control boxes. Their membrane control panel has many buttons that identify where the fire alarm goes off in the building; or allow the user to request many sequences: have more information, alert the fire department, or turn off the signal. You can already imagine the overload of information you get while a blaring siren hurts your ears, and you try to concentrate on what your next action should be. All you need at that moment is a touch screen that guides you through a simple procedure to make the right decisions and have an immediate impact on the situation. That is what the consumer demands today, and that’s what he will look for when choosing between different technologies. Together with our customer, we developed a much more user-friendly interface adapted to today’s needs and inserted not only secret-until-lit touches but also combined several screen and touch options in one control panel.

What makes ClickTouch different?

But what makes ClickTouch different from other touch technology providers? The answer lies in the flexibility of our organization and our in-house capabilities. We have been a pioneer in membrane switches and have evolved implementing more modern technologies over the years. We know all technologies through and through and have been at the forefront of the development of some of those new technologies. So, we know what the benefits of touch screens are, but we also recognize where membrane switches still have their use.



We also know the cost of each component, and we are usually involved in the development process together with our customers to work out the design that is best tailored to the need. We are a full-service provider that offers several services to create the complete touch solution. We master all competences in-house to produce these in lower and midsize volumes, from conceptual design up to personalized printing and packaging of the complete solution. We acknowledge that new control interfaces require homologation, which is an intensive process, so we are very aware of the sustainability and perfection the solution has to offer and take that into account in the conceptualization of the HMI. Especially with custom made and technical advanced solutions, Clicktouch excels on the HMI market.

ClickTouch provides a flexible and innovative way to enhance industrial applications with fancier and more appropriate consumer-focused touch technology. This solution offers substantial benefits such as improved efficiency, often cost savings and a more satisfying user experience.

Clicktouch is a preferred partner for the largest and the most leading companies on the European market when it comes to custom-made HMI’s. Especially in difficult circumstances, harsh industrial environments and technical critical processes, Clicktouch really makes the difference.

If your business is looking to make an impression or level up its HMI, reach out and let’s discuss.