Hidden in plain sight: secret-until-lit functions

While in previous decades people simply adopted existing technology, nowadays technology needs to adapt to us and our wishes. The one-size-fits-all approach wherein an appliance or software is designed to accommodate the largest amount of users doesn’t fit us anymore. When in the past we were happy with technology that was ‘sufficient’, we now long for a perfect fit and tailor-made solutions. At ClickTouch we strongly believe in this approach and will work hard to design and engineer the user interface that fits you like a glove. We have many ways to customize the technology or fancify the looks of any keyboard, controller or touch device to specific wishes of our clients. One of them is the secret-until-lit technology. Not only does this innovative technology enhance the look and feel of a device by hiding superfluous, distracting, brightly lit or unsightly buttons when they are not needed, it also makes operating a device easier and more fool-proof in certain precarious environments and high-stress situations.

Secret-until-lit for a sleeker design

The term ‘shy tech’ was invented for that kind of technology that remains largely out of sight or in the background and only reveals its functions when in use. The reduction of buttons and unnecessary visual elements create a more minimalistic user interface. This shy tech is already largely in use in for example the design of touch controls for car interiors or smart home appliances.
One of our technologies that can help give touch controls that sly, streamlined look is the secret-until-lit function. With this technology, products can be switched off completely without backlighting – allowing for smooth, discrete surfaces – while still being able to provide an easy operation when they are turned on. As today’s consumers are more design conscious than ever before, integrating and blending in smart home appliances and other technology, whether it is a coffee maker, a home-alarm or an extractor fan, in a stylish and non-obtrusive way is more important than ever. Secret-until-lit technology is not only revolutionizing the way smart devices look, but also how we interact with electronics, as it provides users with a very intuitive experience, ease of use and smooth operation. LED-backlighting is very versatile and can be adjusted to various light intensities and colors in order to facilitate different functions and can be adapted to the exact wishes of an operator or user.


Secret-until-lit for failsafe operation

In precarious or hazardous scenarios where operators need to think and act quickly or respond without error to prevent disaster or system failure, it is often helpful to simplify the complexity of their operations by limiting the choices and functions on interfaces. Secret-until-lit buttons can be programmed to only show up on keyboards or touch screens when needed in specific or perilous situation. Secret-until-lit technology will certainly prove its worth in situations where risk needs to be managed; for example in medical appliances, industrial machinery or in home electronics, for example in safety systems for the smart home, such as fire protection systems and other home alarms. In times of stress and when quick thinking is needed, secret-until-lit technology can be a lifesaver.
The advantages of secret-until-lit technology are numerous; from saving energy, to adding a touch of convenience and design to any HMI, and making operations more failsafe. Secret-until-lit technology is here to stay, and we are sure that its adaption and impact will only grow in the years to come.