Innovative Softtouch Demo: Redundancy and Responsiveness in Keyboard Design

Our latest Softtouch demo showcases how modern technologies can be combined to demonstrate both redundancy and enhanced user experience in keyboards. This demo utilizes Clicktouch Force Sensor (CTS) and high-quality Macdermid Softtouch front material to provide a tactile and visually impressive experience.



The main goal of our Softtouch demo is to illustrate the benefits of redundancy via our CFS-technology. This is integrated into a keyboard that uses premium Softtouch front material, known for its soft and pleasant tactile properties. In addition, it a perfect alternative for rubber keypads as it creates a similar feeling.

Key Features:

  • Redundancy via CFS: An additional layer of technology that ensures better performance and reliability.
  • Acceleration: By pressing harder on the CFS, you create new functionalities such as the ability to accelerate your machine.
  • Macdermid Softtouch Front Material: Enhances the user experience by providing a comfortable and durable top layer.

3D-Printed Housing

The keyboard housing is 3D-printed, which not only allows for design flexibility but also ensures quick and cost-effective modifications. Within ClickTouch, we have our own 3D printer enabling us to quickly iterate and refine our designs.

From concept to futureproof products

The beauty of this demo is that the design is modular and can be easily adjusted. Whether it involves adding more keys, changing the CFS configuration, or further refining the housing, we are always ready to integrate new innovations and improve the design based on feedback and technological advancements.



Our Softtouch demo showcases the synergy between advanced sensor technology and high-quality materials. By utilizing redundancy via CFS and the tactile benefits of Macdermid Softtouch, we create a keyboard that is not only reliable but also offers a superior user experience. We invite you to experience this innovation for yourself and discover how technology and design come together in every keystroke.