Keeping it safe when there is no room for error

Safety, reliability, and accuracy are essential for any device that is required to operate in a challenging environment. ClickTouch has designed and engineered many innovative HMI that guarantee secure, safe and precise operation and full functionality in all situations and environments.

To keep operation secure in safety-critical settings and increase reliability, our HMI solutions have a high degree of redundancy built in. Capacitive touch sensors have become an important part of many industrial, medical and security applications due to their convenience and ease of use.

ClickTouch has developed a revolutionary technology known as TwoTouch Redundant Technology that overcomes the disadvantage of possible unintentional operation of a capacitive touch screen by minimal, accidental touch, heavy fluctuations in temperature or close proximity of a conductive object. This technology offers any operator the reassurance that they can fully rely on their device and focus on the task at hand.

TwoTouch Redundant Technology

TwoTouch Redundant Technology is an innovative security solution that combines two screens: a conventional capacitive touch screen for touch tracking and an additional resistive touch screen for touch confirmation. This technology works by requiring both screens to register a touch, ensuring that only intentional activations are registered.

TwoTouch Redundant Technology has many potential applications in fields where security is paramount and mistakes cannot be tolerated. Such fields include medicine, military operations, and industrial tasks with high temperatures or degrees of humidity fluctuations, but TwoTouch Redundant Technology can also be a safety feature in, for example, payment terminals and transportation systems. Aside from providing secure operation, devices using TwoTouch Redundant Technology also offer operational reliability and precision features. For example, if one of the screens were to be broken, the system would still remain operational thanks to the other screen.

Furthermore, the two-screen design makes it possible to navigate towards a desired point on the screen and activate the necessary option by simply pushing it. This feature is especially useful in high-precision situations such as when lasers are being operated in medical settings.


100% responsiveness and precise operation in all situations

Another important aspect of safety is the fact that you can trust the perfect operation of your control panel, whether it is a membrane keyboard, a resistive touch or a capacitive touch screen, in any given circumstances. When people’s heath and safety are concerned, we take no chances. We have interfaces that can be used with gloves, that are resistant to cracking, the elements, oxidation, bacteria, grease, chemicals and other contaminants, and that can be used in low light environments without compromising the smoothness of operation. ClickTouch’s innovative patented dome for membrane keyboards for example, has proven to be more reliable and durable (with a lifespan of up to 6 times longer) than conventional membrane switches with metal domes. On top of that it provides improved tactile feedback and is resistant to dust, water, chemicals and scratches. It can even be cut with a scalpel, yet still perform uncompromised.

You can trust the functionality of our touch sensors at all times, which makes them perfectly suited for high-risk industries, such as aeronautics, automotive, medical, military, construction, large forestry or agricultural operations, where a faulty button could result in a possibly life-threatening situation. At ClickTouch we adapt the desired components and software exactly to your needs, usage and desired circumstances. You can put your trust in us when it comes to designing and delivering these vitally important touch screens and other user interfaces. Get in touch, and see how we can help make your industry better and safer.