Metal dome? We have an excellent alternative!

The metal dome is a widely used component for the operation of membrane keyboards. Indeed, it offers the user many advantages thanks to its versatility, but ClickTouch is here to tell you that there is an alternative. We have created a patented dome to offer our clients a perfect alternative to the metal dome.

Meet our very own ClickTouch dome!

No metal

Although our ClickTouch dome is an exciting and innovative solution, it has been around for three decades so far. What really makes it stand out from the classic metal dome is that it doesn’t contain a single metal part. Indeed, to make the ClickTouch dome, we use our very own specially patented embossing technique. An advantage of using no metal is that we can more easily determine the harshness of the keys whereas a metal dome is more limited for that factor. On top of that, there is no chance of auto contact or electrostatic discharge. When antennae are nearby, there can be no interference, making it highly reliable.

Furthermore, we use key-by-key embossing to create entire membrane keyboards. That allows for an equal activation force and a precise tactile feedback for the end user. In other words, every single key provides that same, reliable touch. As an added bonus, the ClickTouch dome, which has been fully developed in Belgium, reaches the IP67 standard, making it completely sealed against dust and moisture.


Our advantages compared with a metal dome

A major advantage that our ClickTouch dome offers is a long lifetime. Whereas a metal dome will guarantee you around 1 million activations per key, the ClickTouch dome guarantees you at least 6 million, or six times as many. Furthermore, the ClickTouch dome is perfectly suited for use with gloves as we offer a longer travel of up to 2 mm. That assures the best possible tactile feedback for the user. Also, because no metal is needed to create the dome, backlighting keys is an easy extra feature. Next, from extensive testing and development we guarantee a strong resistance against a wide range of industrial chemical agents. Also, a UV-cured scratch-resistant structure is applied during the production in specific zones. That means we can offer a perfectly cristal-clear display window for situations where needed.


We believe that these traits make the ClickTouch dome highly suitable for use in a wide array of markets. Think of high-demand sectors such as industry, medical, military, transportation, aviation and heavy duty but also the everyday world of household appliances. Naturally, because the usage of the ClickTouch dome is so versatile, we make sure that they are of the highest quality. To ensure just that, we test every single keyboard to make sure that it is ready for the more than 6 million activations per key that we guarantee to you.

In conclusion, while the metal dome remains a solid solution, we are convinced that with our very own ClickTouch dome, we offer a fine and innovative alternative. What’s more, it’s even possible to combine the ClickTouch dome with a metal dome to allow for a double click. We’re looking forward to creating your next HMI powered by the ClickTouch dome. Get in touch and we’ll work out a solution together.