Plug and Play Solutions

The one-stop-shop approach allows us to provide our customers with tailor-made, finished products that can simply be plugged into a device and start working. We can handle every aspect of your plug and play project – from the best touch sensor to the choice of cover lenses, displays, bonding technology, surface treatments, filters and coatings, encasings and mounting options, and more – all designed and crafted precisely to suit both your technical specifications as well as the environment wherein the product needs to function. On top of that we can personalize or make your product stand out, whether it is an entire production or a limited quantity, with custom or client-specific printing options.

Cover lenses

Devices with a touch sensor require an aesthetically pleasing and functional top-layer or cover lens. The cover lens can easily be customized (by digital or screen printing) to change its appearance and make it a perfect match with the product design or the end-user, or to make it representative for your brand. We can help you choose the best glass thickness to ensure appropriate protection while maintaining optimum sensitivity and smooth operation, as well as a variety of top-layer materials including glass, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, or PMMA (Perspex).

Additionally, glass covers can be enhanced through thermal or chemical treatment for added strength, while anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, or anti-smudge technology will better the performance of your device and keep it appealing at all times. For public displays and for medical environments antibacterial surface protection can be crucial. Whatever your wishes are, we can deliver the perfect customized top-layer for your application.


Optical bonding

ClickTouch offers the option of optical bonding, a complex process that affixes a touch panel (or protective glass) to an LCD-display using liquid, gel-based, or dry adhesives. Optical bonding is not a necessity but improves both the optical performance and the durability of the LCD-module by making it more shock and vibration-resistant. Optical bonding also eliminates the air gap between the touch panel and the display, which reduces reflection and improves contrast. Optical bonding requires specialist knowledge as it can create undesirable effects when used without the proper expertise.


Casings, bezels, carrier plates and mounting frames

We can provide protective enclosures and high-quality casings for your touch technology in a large selection of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, painted steel, polyester or plastics. Bezel or full enclosure, we can design and fabricate a case to your exact needs and with the finish you want, or even engraved with logos or texts. We can provide carrier plates for touchscreens from aluminum sheeting, designed to your specifications, and any mounting system you may require.


FPC’s, PCB’s, connectors, power supply, standard touch screens

ClickTouch can help you overcome mechanical collisions when installing touch technology into predesigned devices, predetermined housings or whenever installation space is tight. We have PCB’s and flexible printed circuits (FPC’s) in different shapes and lengths and a diverse range of connectors to guarantee uncompromised connectivity, ease of installation and maximum flexibility for our customers.


Standard touch screens with high ligh transmittance that meet industrial standards are readily available in size from 10,1 to 65”) with no minimum order quantity, making them an ideal choice for any production setting. We can also provide the controllers and cables.


Come challenge us with your idea and discover how ClickTouch can help you bring your vision to life, creating a reliable and fully customized plug and play solution that exceeds expectations.