Technology that suits your needs

The last few years, technology has found more and more ways to make our day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable. As new features and applications are discovered and developed, we can find more and more ways to adapt technology to the shape and comfort of use that we expect from it. ClickTouch technology is fully ready to fulfil the requirements its end users have for a complete solution.

After all, for a long time, end users have had to adapt to technology as, many years ago, technology was nowhere near as flexible as it is today. However, the last few years have seen huge leaps of progress being made. Adaptation of technology to the form and convenience that its end users desire has become the norm.

Secret until lit

Imagine an electronic device, operated through capacitive technology, offering you sleek design and intuitive operation just when you need it. Our Secret until lit technology provides the best of both worlds to its end users. When a device is switched off, the backlighting is too so that a smooth and sleek surface is shown. If the user then turns on the device, the LED backlighting is switched on so that an intuitive operation is possible, just as you would expect from a ClickTouch product.

Aside from this main function, the LEDs that are used for the backlighting are adaptable. For instance, different colours can be used for various functions, while the light intensity is also adaptable to better distinguish between different functions. This kind of versatility is an important aspect in our products as it contributes to their convenience.


A complete solution

Rather than designing just the technology, we can also produce the complete solutions for our customers. We can take charge of the entire mechanical and graphical design, from fascia to housing. On top of that, a solution is always tailor made, based entirely on the customer’s needs.

We believe that versatility, appearance and convenience are no longer interesting bonuses in the operation of a good piece of technology. These days, they have become the norm as they allow for a more intuitive operation of the device. And that’s exactly what we are after with our secret until lit technology: technology in function of form and convenience.