Trust your intuition with capacitive technology

Imagine, a shower tap that you can operate just like the screen on your phone. Capacitive technology is all around us, we find it on our mobile phones, tablets, kitchen appliances and in our cars. Why? Because operating a touch screen is one the most intuitive acts possible. After all, mankind has always found ways to work effectively with our hands.


The other way

Adjusting the temperature of the water in the shower with a conventional tap can be a challenging exercise, so can operating machines with conventional switches. However, looking beyond that, there are different challenges too such as operating heavy machinery or complex technological appliances.

Turning levers and handles is the conventional way of operating machines, both professionally as domestically, but there is another way, a more intuitive way. Adjusting temperature, intensity and other settings by simply sliding your fingers along any given surface: glass, metal, wood and even gold. This would create a whole new way of doing and operating things. Capacitive technology is here, now it’s just up to us to use it effectively.

A day to day life where intuitiveness plays an even bigger role is one that is just a lot simpler. Changing floors in an elevator could be done simply sliding your finger up or down to the number you want. Individual switches on heavy machinery would no longer get jammed. Capacitive technology has the potential to transform our lives by making it more instinctive and natural.


UniCTouch, a revolutionary technology created by ClickTouch, is here to introduce us to this transformation. Through a capacitive sensor installed under any kind of overlay (metal, wood, glass and even gold), intuitive operation of appliances of any kind is made possible and accessible. What’s more, UniCTouch is completely waterproof and offers many design possibilities: a modern and futureproof look and feel, easy assembly, backlighting and the possibility to install on bent surfaces. Intuitive, accessible and easy, that’s exactly what UniCTouch offers.

Cookers are a fine example of how UniCTouch’s efficiency and intuitiveness are readily usable in day-to-day appliances. Conventional cookers already dispose of similar technology. However, this technology is often not water-proof while cookers tend to switch on the moment weight is placed on them. Cookers equipped with UniCTouch technology solve both these problems. And to adjust the intensity? You just slide your finger up or down to adjust it.


Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones. In this case, it’s taking an everyday act and applying it to situations in which they make perfect sense. Providing solutions while keeping things simple, that’s what ClickTouch can do for you.