We deliver what you need

At ClickTouch you will never get the feeling that you are getting something generic or run-of-the-mill. We take pride in our flexibility and in being able to create and tailor something that’s unique for you – from customizing the technical specs of your product down to personalizing its looks.


We build it your way: bespoke and tailor-made technical solutions

ClickTouch puts forth expertise and excellence in designing and producing HMI products, offering custom services and solutions to customers for the entire journey from concept to serial manufacturing. With the ability to tailor-make both hardware and firmware, ClickTouch stands out from its competitors – a valuable advantage that ensures product excellence and superiority. Our in-house engineers expertly craft each element with maximum precision for an optimal result and maximum customer satisfaction.

With a wealth of experience and an intimate knowledge of our industry, ClickTouch is the perfect partner for delivering innovative solutions backed by cutting-edge engineering.

We have developed long-term partnerships with component suppliers and manufacturers that provide us access to technical insights for each part – enabling us not only to stay ahead of developments but also to pass on invaluable knowledge from our vast collective experience. Our technical skillset ranges from electronics engineering, integration techniques, materials science, surface treatments and more – allowing us to offer our clients a wide array of reliable solutions, no matter how challenging their requirements may be.


Developing new or fine-tuning existing software allows us to further tailor touch settings according to specific industry requirements and achieve optimum performance and smooth, reliable operation every time. We have the perfect solutions for devices that need to be operated through extra thick glass, with gloves or need to be moisture or weather resistant. We can also take care of compliance as far as electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) is concerned in a client-specific operating environment.


When looks matter: A personal touch for your product

By creating personalized experiences for customers, brands can drive loyalty and increase their competitive advantage. An impactful way to make that happen is through personalization. ClickTouch wants to make your brand stand out, and does that by offering several design choices and personalization options for product developers.


Shapes and sizes

To meet the ever-growing demand for displays that boast not just exceptional function, but stylish design as well, we offer a comprehensive selection of customizable and unique shapes for any HMI. Think of round, rectangular or square, stretched bar-shaped or even curved touch screens. And if your needs are more complex or specific, we can also help you with bespoke design solutions drawing on our many years of experience crafting HMI products.


Illumination and backlighting

Illuminating keyboards, membrane switches and touch controls can make it easier and safer for users to operate them, even in the darkest of conditions. Our comprehensive backlighting selection includes electroluminescent backlighting, fiber optic backlighting, side-LEDs, LED-windows, Light Guide Film (LGF), secret-until-lit technology… all with their own distinct pros and cons. Let our experienced team guide you through choosing the best system that guarantees visibility and safe operation, regardless of light levels or environment.


Digital printing

At ClickTouch, we now offer the possibility of printing additional personalized information on touchscreens (that are already customized via screen-printing) via digital printing in a transparent window.


This allows us to create small batches of personalized screens for manufacturers who require small quantities for their clients. For example, it is possible to print the name of an individual apartment building on the touchscreen of an access control system.


We can also provide fully customized panel overlays for resistive and capacitive touch screen. The front layer creates the looks and feel of your product and thanks to our digital printing techniques it can be personalized to your likings.


We also offer digitally printed graphic front layers for membrane keyboards, which gives you absolute freedom of design and the flexibility to customize the graphic design for different end-customers. Most of our graphic overlays are printed below the surface to protect the graphics from top-surface abrasion, contamination via spills, grease, moisture, chemicals and dust, and weathering and UV-damage.



While most touch solutions require a glass panel, UniCTouch is a capacitive touch technology than can be applied behind almost any kind of overlay: metal, wood, stainless steel, gold, cork… UniCTouch technology can bring new design possibilities to for example consumer electronics, as it allows a greater flexibility in product design and product integration.