Why a one-stop-shop is better in tune with your demands

The development of a new technology is one thing. Implementing that technology in your solution a second. Having it functioning optimally a fundamental third.

Each capacitive touch technology must be adapted to its specific installation and housing in order to function optimally according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Therefore, each high-end solution must be tuned totally adapted to its specific conditions. How do we want the screen to function when fluids or dirt gets on it? How fast should the touch give a reaction? Can the use of gloves or other elements disturb normal interaction?

This custom tuning can also determine the power consumption, a key function for battery or solar powered systems.

All these functionalities, and many more, require extensive tuning for optimal use.

Being the pioneer in capacitive touch technology for industrial usage, ClickTouch has grown in developing and producing custom-made innovative HMI technologies that offer an absolute reliable quality and added value for the equipment developer.

Since Clicktouch is officially recognized as the preferred design partner of the leading semi-conductor manufacturers, we get the most out of the combined solution.

Thanks to our intense partnerships with these chip brands, we now have access to deep level programming of various PCAP microcontroller.This offers our customers the great advantage that both the touch sensors and the microcontroller are perfectly in tune. In addition, the control software is 100% adapted to the user requirements and environmental conditions. This cooperation allows ClickTouch to take customer service to the next level for high-end solutions where perfect tuning of the electronics with the touch solution is required. We dig deep in the libraries of the microprocessor and can solve nearly any question inhouse, without the time-consuming communication with the producer of the processor. This intense customer support is the company’s most valued added value.

So being a one-stop-shop with close ties to the electronics manufacturers, we offer our customers benefits that are rare to find:

  • we are a complete solution provider, from initial idea to final result
  • we develop from A to Z, according to required specs without starting from a standard solution
  • we ensure fast adaptation to customer requirement in the low levels of the microchip
  • we tune inhouse what results in optimal functioning according to your requirements and usage conditions

Is your touch solution not always in tune with your deepest desires? Find out how ClickTouch can give you that little extra that’s called ‘ease of mind’.