Your one-stop-shop solution provider

Developing an innovative tech product can be a daunting process. The tech industry changes at the speed of light and to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to know about the latest trends and innovations, business solutions, the newest technologies and where in the world you can find trustworthy suppliers for each link in the development chain.

Product development requires a good deal of planning, prioritizing and managing, there are deadlines to keep and budget limitations. To make the undertaking successful, you will need to keep a bird’s eye view over the project, and at the same time maintain communication and relationships with an increasing number of suppliers and subcontractors around the world. In such a situation, choosing one company that can take this load off your back, offers comprehensive services, knows the industry inside and out, and lets you focus on what you really need and want to do, can be a lifesaver.

An experienced one-stop-shop that will implement your project from start to finish can often shorten project start-up times and learning curves. Of course, key to the success is to find a company that offers a partnership, and not just a contract. For many clients, ClickTouch is such a trusted partner.

Your project partner from A to Z

At ClickTouch, our aim has always been to provide the most personalized and comprehensive service possible to our customers. We believe in the one-stop-shop approach and by providing total project management and first-rate technical solutions, whether they need a standard solution or a fully customized one, we help our customers achieve a range of benefits, such as a greater reliability of supply, reduced supply chain worries and costs, and most importantly consistent quality. With our extensive knowledge of product development and support, we can help you sidestep the roadblocks associated with taking on a technical project alone.

You can trust ClickTouch with the development of new technologies (whether it is a single sensor or a complete HMI solution), their implementation in a product and the meticulous finetuning that is necessary to make an application work optimally. Our knowledgeable engineers can tweak both hardware and software to ensure the perfect solution for your needs.

With a wide multidisciplinary experience of simple and complex projects, short and long term, local and international and a huge ecosystem of partnerships and suppliers, ClickTouch can deliver exactly what you want when you need it. We provide top-notch membrane keyboards with a unique, patented technology that creates the perfect ‘click’ and resistive and capacitive touch solutions with the smoothest ‘touch’.

We can help you with the following services:

  • rapid prototyping
  • research and development
  • testing, quality control and validation
  • 2-D drawings / 3-D rendering
  • design and concept
  • electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering
  • small batch or large-scale serial production
  • customization and personalization
  • assembly
  • enclosures, frames and housings
  • displays
  • integration and connectivity solutions, PCB’s
  • software development
  • after-sale service and customer support
  • custom packaging and personalized labeling
  • logistics

Our personal touch

Coordinating between multiple external companies and suppliers can be overwhelming. With us as your single point of contact, you don’t have to worry about the headaches associated with handling a project involving many stakeholders – no more juggling numerous lines of communication, worrying over long implementation times or overstretching the budget. As your one-stop-shop solution provider, you will only need to communicate with us to ensure that your project is on track and proceeding as you wish. It will make your administrative burden smaller and more importantly, at any point in the process, there is absolute clarity of liability.

As a specialist company at the hub of a network of tried and trusted suppliers of technical parts and services, we can focus on your individual needs, providing you with a high degree of personal attention during the entire process. We work cost-effective and flexible and believe that open communication and complete transparency is crucial to establish loyal partnerships and long-term customer relationships. Our portfolio of happy clients is proof.

Stop searching for the perfect partner. ClickTouch is here to make product development better and simpler than ever before. Let us show you how.