04 Apr 2024 Hidden in plain sight: secret-until-lit functions

We offer various customization options for keyboards, controllers, and touch devices, including our secret-until-lit technology. This innovation enhances aesthetics by concealing unnecessary buttons when not in use, simplifying operation and improving usability, particularly in challenging environments and high-pressure situations.

23 Mar 2024 Your one-stop-shop solution provider

The tech industry changes at the speed of light and to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to know about the latest trends and innovations, business solutions, the newest technologies and where in the world you can find trustworthy suppliers for each link in the development chain.

23 Mar 2024 Maximize your value for money

With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious development and testing center in Gavere, Belgium, we can take care of your needs form ideation to implementation. Moreover, it is our goal to make the entire process from A to Z as straightforward and efficient as possible.

23 Mar 2024 Raise your HMI game with ClickTouch at upcoming tradeshows

Come and meet ClickTouch – your go-to for comprehensive, cost-effective HMI solutions in every scenario. With our 38 years of expertise, you experience seamless project support from start to finish.

23 Mar 2024 Keeping it safe when there is no room for error

Safety, reliability, and accuracy are essential for any device that is required to operate in a challenging environment.

22 Mar 2024 Why a one-stop-shop is better in tune with your demands

The development of a new technology is one thing. Implementing that technology in your solution a second. Having it functioning optimally a fundamental third.

22 Mar 2024 We guarantee full functionality in all possible circumstances for your application

Time, it’s what professional chefs must use efficiently to get their job done. To help them do that, we have developed a capacitive touchscreen solution for a client who equips professional kitchens.

22 Mar 2024 Trust your intuition with capacitive technology

Imagine, a shower tap that you can operate just like the screen on your phone. Capacitive technology is all around us, we find it on our mobile phones, tablets, kitchen appliances and in our cars. Why?

22 Mar 2024 The real cost of ‘cheap’ solutions

With our own manufacturing facilities in the Far East and an ingenious production and development center in Gavere, Belgium, we can service our customers with both complex, fully integrated solutions as well as simpler components.

22 Mar 2024 Technology that suits your needs

The last few years, technology has found more and more ways to make our day-to-day lives easier and more comfortable. As new features and applications are discovered and developed, we can find more and more ways to adapt technology to the shape and comfort of use that we expect from it.

22 Mar 2024 Getting it right the first time: the benefits of automated HMI tests

When it comes to developing a HMI, getting it right the first time is essential. A reliable and effective HMI is key for ensuring that users can interact with machines safely and efficiently.

22 Mar 2024 Reliable backlighting: Chasm helps us to bridge the gap

For some products, backlighting can be an interesting option, be it out of necessity or simply because of aesthetics. Recently, Chasm, a trusted partner of ClickTouch, developed a Carbon Nanotube ink that lends itself perfectly for backlighting touch interfaces.

22 Mar 2024 ClickTouch: a one-stop-shop. But not just a one-stop-shop

At ClickTouch, our aim has always been to provide the most personalized and comprehensive service possible to our customers. By providing total solutions, we help our customers to achieve a range of benefits.

22 Mar 2024 Metal dome? We have an excellent alternative!

The metal dome is a widely used component for the operation of membrane keyboards. Indeed, it offers the user many advantages thanks to its versatility, but ClickTouch is here to tell you that there is an alternative. We have created a patented dome to offer our clients a perfect alternative to the metal dome.

22 Mar 2024 Enhance your industrial application with user-oriented touch technology

Touch technology is becoming increasingly popular and prevalent in consumer experiences. Users have gotten used to fancy touch screens through their daily technological devices such as smartphones.

22 Mar 2024 ClickTouch’s complete solutions: the ultimate ease-of-mind experience

When you work with ClickTouch for your Human Machine Interface (HMI) needs, you’ll experience the ultimate ease-of-mind. Our complete solutions ensure you have a single point of contact for all your needs and simplify coordination between possible multiple vendors.

22 Mar 2024 ClickTouch is now an Infineon Preferred Design House

There are only 13 PDH’s worldwide for all types of microcontrollers. The main goal for Infineon’s preferred design houses is to provide technical support and ensure that a premium service is delivered to customers.

19 Mar 2024 What to choose? The difference between capacitive and resistive touchscreens

When designing a touchscreen, you have a choice between capacitive and resistive technology. Both offer advantages and limitations. We present both technologies and discuss in which situations and fields they offer you the best solution.